Professional Services

    A range of professional services compliments the TABS software applications. These services include:
  • Pre-sales consultations
  • Development of project plans
  • Project Management
  • Software development (in-house)
  • Procuring/configuring computer hardware/software
  • Software installation
  • Data conversion
  • User training (on-site)
  • Post implementation support (ongoing)

Once the systems are functioning, we continue to work closely with our clients to ensure the software solution is meeting their needs. As business needs change, we are able to tailor the software accordingly. New technologies may be introduced into the business (e.g. barcoding, data-capture, internet ordering, etc) to improve input accuracy and achieve greater efficiencies.


Post implementation, we offer a comprehensive software support package. This involves an annual subscription, for which we will undertake to keep the TABS software up-to-date with our latest releases. In addition, we will ensure any reported problems are resolved quickly and professionally. Our telephone support Help Desk and remote support facilities further complement these services.

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