Payroll / Personnel

Product Overview

The TABS Payroll/Personnel module addresses the payroll processing needs for small, medium and large businesses. Employee pays may be entered and calculated with minimal keyboard input, with leave balances and history maintained. Employee Pay-slips and Group Certificates may be generated as well as statutory returns including Group Tax, Workers Compensation, Payroll Tax and Employer Superannuation, which can be produced automatically. Continual maintenance will ensure the TABS Payroll complies with the latest legislative requirements.

    The TABS Payroll/Personnel system will assist in the following areas:
  • Personnel (employee name/address, contact information, etc)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Leave Management
  • Superannuation (employer and employee)
  • Workers Compensation/Payroll Tax
  • Group Certificate production

Software Features

    ABS Payroll and Personnel software covers the following:


  • The employee database will combine information from a number of sources. Employee contact and next of kin information is recorded, together with date of birth, dependant and job classification details.


  • While establishing an employee record, base working hours, pay rates, allowances and deductions may be assigned. These may be setup as an automatic pay, eliminating the need to enter details prior to each pay.
  • Each employee is linked to a “home” department or cost centre. While processing the pays, hours may be assigned to any number of cost centres or departments.
  • Pays will be consolidated for group tax calculations before being dissection for departmental costings. The cost allocations may be optionally posted directly into the TABS General Ledger, as part of the Payroll Confirmation process.
  • Payslips (in various formats) will be printed for each employee paid, together with a set of pre-determined pay calculation reports.
  • Year to date totals are maintained for each employee, together with detailed payroll history.
  • Net pays may be deposited into multiple employee bank accounts. This may be facilitated manually or electronically (via an online banking software packages).


  • Leave may be accrued in a flexible manner. Various leave categories may be defined, together with the desired accrual strategy. Employee leave balances are split between a pro-rata and accrued leave.
  • Leave is accrued into the pro-rata balance. On the designated anniversary, the pro-rata balance is added to the accrued balance. All leave taken is deducted from the accrued balance.
  • Leave History is maintained for all transactions altering the leave balances.
  • Payroll officers are alerted when an employee endeavours to take more leave than is available.
  • Leave projection and leave liability reports will assist in accurate leave management.


  • Both employer and employee superannuation contributions may be maintained by the system.
  • Employer based contributions are calculated in accordance with pre-set parameters, and optionally printed on the employee payslips.
  • Employer and employee contributions are printed onto a single report (monthly) to support the actual payments.
  • Superannuation reconciliation reports will assist the payroll office in balancing and reconciling contributions paid for the year.


  • Workers Compensation and Payroll Tax payments may be calculated by the system, in accordance with pre-set parameters.
  • Where applicable, these expenses will be posted into the TABS General Ledger.


  • All of the information required to print employee group certificates is maintained by the system.
  • Reconciliation reports will assist the payroll officer in balancing the pays for the year.
  • Group Certificates may be printed onto Taxation Office forms (pre-printed stationery) or on “blank” A4 paper. The A4 option is only available where the Taxation Office has agreed to accept the Group Certificate information electronically.
  • Eligible Termination Payments (ETP) and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) details are maintained by the system to support information printed on the Group Certificate.
  • Information for any terminated employees will be retained until the end of financial year. At this point, employee details will be archived automatically.


  • This system is linked into: TABS General Ledger.

Standard Reporting Available

  • Payroll Consolidated Summary
  • Employee Payslip Summary
  • Allowance/Deduction Summaries
  • Banking Summary
  • Departmental Summary
  • Employee Payslips (various formats)
  • Employee List (Detail or Summary)
  • Departmental Period Summary
  • Employee Pay History (various options)
  • Pay Entitlements Report
  • Employee Department History Report
  • MTD/YTD Allowance Report
  • MTD/YTD Deduction Report
  • Leave History Report
  • Leave Entitlement Report
  • Salary Packages
  • Employee Audit History Report
  • Monthly Group Tax Report (including Workers Compensation and Payroll Tax)
  • Monthly Superannuation Report
  • Superannuation Reconciliation
  • Group Certificate Reconciliation
  • Employee Group Certificates (Tax Office Forms or Electronic Lodgment)

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