Asset Register

Product Overview

    The TABS Asset Register will maintain details on all fixed assets owned by the business. The Asset Register supports the following Asset Types:
  • Depreciable Assets
  • Non-Depreciable Assets
  • Hire Purchased
  • Leased
  • Mortgaged
  • Hired

Software Features

  • Fixed Assets details may be passed automatically to the Asset Register from the TABS Cashbook, Creditors Ledger or General Ledger.
  • Assets will need to be classified into major groups and sub-groups, and assigned the appropriate depreciation method (prime cost, diminishing-value, or variable).
  • Book and Tax depreciation values are maintained separately for each asset, together with written-down and residual values.
  • Asset additions, depreciation and disposals are recorded by the system.
  • Free-format memo notes may be recorded against each asset.
  • A stocktake facility will enable asset labels to be printed and the location of each asset confirmed/updated.

Standard Reporting Available

    Standard reports are available from the Asset Register. These include:
  • Asset Master File List
  • Asset Status Report
  • Asset Stocktake/Location List
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Payment Schedule
  • General Ledger Assignments
  • Disposal Report
  • Location Report
  • Repairs and Maintenance Report
  • Asset Barcode Labels
  • Stocktake Worksheets
  • Stocktake Variance Report

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